Forme di Vita Aliene che vivono nello spazio profondo potrebbero essere “Cyborg”

The alien lifeforms living in deep space may have characteristics of cyborgs, according to the famous American scientist Dr Michio Kaku.
As reported by the British tabloid Daily Star, the 72-year-old theorist Michio Kaku believes that the traditional imagination of extraterrestrials may not be what humanity eventually meets.
He claims that biological bodies are too limited for advanced species and that, instead, it could be found that aliens traveling in space, have cybernetic characteristics, perhaps who knows, created by real extraterrestrials.
Speaking to the transmission Coast to Caost Am, dr. Kaku said that people were conditioned to think of aliens in a certain way, ignoring their enormous technological advances. I’d like it if Hollywood had a little imagination.
I think one day, when we actually find the aliens out of space, they will not be totally biological; they could be part of cyborgs and partly biological. “An example of these half-biological and half-cyborg alien beings could bring to mind the famous” Grays “told in the episodes of Abduction or in episodes of close encounters with the military during the cold war and after.
“We brainwashed everyone thinking they should have looked like Captain Kirk – says Dr. Kaku – just if we overlook the fact that if they are so advanced, they realize that there are limitations to a biological body. cybernetics and not totally biological … ”
Avi Loeb, 57, president of the prestigious department of astronomy at Harvard University, told The New Yorker:
“I do not see the possibility of a technological civilization as a speculative, for two reasons: The first is that we exist. second is that at least a quarter of the stars in the Milky Way galaxy have a planet like the Earth, with surface conditions very similar to Earth and the chemistry of life we ​​know could develop.If you roll the dice so many times and there are dozens of billions of stars in the Milky Way, it is very likely that we are not alone. “
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Pelo menos na imaginação de muita gente, os objetos voadores não indentificados são naves de outros planetas. A ciéncia não leva isso a sério, mas algumas aparições nunca foram bem explicadas. Aquele que não conhece a verdade é simplesmente um ignorante, mas aquele que a conhece e diz que é mentira, este é um criminoso


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